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Make 6 figures as a hairstylist while working 4 days/per week

Tired of barely scraping by as a hairstylist?
Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut, unable to break through to the next level of success?


Earning too little, working too much?

Are you a hairstylist, braider or loctician who’s

➡Tired of spending 10+ hours of your client’s hair, only to earn a fraction of what you’re truly worth?

➡ Frustrated that you’re still barely making enough to scrape by despite having years of experience doing hair?

➡ Always secretly dreaming about raising your rates but are afraid to do it in real life because you don’t want to lose your customers?

➡ Feeling burnt out from working long hours without giving your aching body some much needed rest?

Sounds familiar?



As a hairstylist, you know firsthand how tough it can be to make a decent living…

 You hustle 24/7 – often on weekends & holidays – to provide for yourself and your loved ones. 

Yet…you still struggle to make ends meet. 

You’re tired of constantly worrying about whether you would make enough money to get by each month.

As a result, ‘money’ becomes a touchy subject…

And whenever it comes up, it leaves you more anxious and stressed than before.

To make things worse…

You now have to put up with the high inflation rates too.

And sometimes…it feels like the whole deck is stacked against you. 

Like you're never going to escape the cycle of low pay and long hours.

But the thing is…

You know that you deserve better.


You know you deserve to 

✔️ charge more and earn what you’re worth.

✔️ take a day off once in a while and give your exhausted, aching body a break.

✔️ And most importantly, you know you deserve a good life - one where you have the freedom to work less and live more.

But you don’t know How.

Instead, you have questions…

‘’ But where do I start?’’

 ‘’ How do I break out of the cycle of being overworked and underpaid?’’

‘’ How do I start charging more without losing my clients?’’

Well, I’m glad you asked.

I used to ask myself the same question not too long ago.


Me and my team have spent months creating this program - streamlining the Belle Microlocs™ technique that I’ve perfected over the course of 2 years into 6 in-depth, easily digestible modules…

…so that by the end of this 4 week program you can master the Belle Microlocs™ techniques and confidently start offering it to your clients right away.

Here’s the sneak peak of the 4 week online course



Module 1


  • Learn the EXACT mindset shifts that helped me go from just another braider to the creator of BM and 7 figure business owner.
  • Understand the importance of mastery and positioning yourself as an expert who is open minded and always says ‘’YES’’ to challenges.
  • Learn the crucial skill of going beyond a service provider to a problem solver by connecting with clients and listening to their needs and concerns.

Module 2

The Foundation of Locs

  • Understand the different types of locs and how Belle Microlocs™ fits into the grand scheme of things.
  • In-depth study of different types of hair ( with pictures ) to better understand which Belle Microlocs™ hairstyle would suit your clients' needs and why.
  • Master the art of online consultations and learn how to suggest the perfect Belle Microlocs™ hairstyle based on the client's hair type and lifestyle.


Module 3

Unboxing your Belle Microlocs™ starter kit

  • Before diving into the Belle Microlocs techniques™, we will quickly go over everything you need in place to perform a seamless service.
  • Unbox your Belle Microlocs™ starter kit and learn about the purpose of each item.
  • Understand how to use everything in the kit to provide the best possible service to your clients.


Module 4

The Belle Microlocs™ twists 

  • Learn how to section, grip, and part hair like a pro to achieve clean, uniform sized grids.
  • Understand how to use the hair and how to do the extended braid down
  • Common mistakes you should look out for and avoid when installing Belle Microlocs™ Twists.

Module 5

The Belle Microlocs™ braids

  • Learn how to master the techniques of Belle Microlocs™ Braids.
  • Learn the main difference between the Belle Microlocs™ twists and braids and how it affects your services.
  • Common mistakes you should avoid when providing the Belle Microlocs™ Braids service to your clients.


Module 6

Maintenance, Retie & Aftercare

  • Learn the techniques to do a Belle Microlocs™ retie and understand the 3 different types of point rotations to use depending on the client’s hair.
  • Learn how to prune Belle Microlocs™ and the common fixes and repairs to look for when clients come in for a retie.
  • Understand how to fix slippage and sliding and how to schedule retie sessions based on the client's hair growth.

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Started For $0 Today & Just $247/Month...

Make 6 figures as a hairstylist while working 4 days/per week



Hey, I’m Tatiana, the CEO of Braids That Speak and the creator of Belle Microlocs.

You see…

Despite having over a decade of experience doing hair , I too was stuck in the cycle of ‘’low pay, long hours’’ struggling to make 300 USD / week.

And as a result, I was overworked and burnt out.

Moreover, I was tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck and had no financial stability.

And even though I knew things had to change…I didn’t know how.


You see, I always loved experimenting with different hairstyles and techniques…

And during one such experiment, I created something that would change the course of my entire life : Belle Microlocs™.

Belle Microlocs™ was an instant hit and went viral overnight. 

And because Belle Microlocs is a low maintenance, versatile hairstyle that can be customized to suit a wide range of personal styles and preferences, it attracted people of all ages and tastes.

That allowed me to serve a much larger clientele than I ever imagined.

The demand for Belle Microlocs™ increased so much that I had to hire a team just to keep up with the demand.

People loved it so much that they started coming in from different states to my salon just to get their hair done!

And before long, I had no option but to expand to two more locations in addition to my main hair studio in Maryland.

Since then, I grew my business from a one-person operation to a 7 figure hair business with salons in 3 different states - ALL in a span of 3 years.

And I’ve also helped almost a dozen of fellow hairstylists to earn 6 figures while working 3 - 4 days a week.

And in the process, I realized that increasing your income as a hairstylist was…easy.

In fact, it was so easy that me and my students make 6+ figures a year while working just 3 - 4 days a week.

You see, the quickest and most effective solution to charge higher rates as a hairstylist without hustling is rather simple.

All you need is a High-in-Demand, Low-in-Supply skill ( HDLS ) Belle Microlocs™.

 You see….a HDLS skill is not something that anyone can offer.

It can ONLY be offered by experts with the right knowledge and techniques.

 And by mastering a HDLS skill and offering it to your clients, you set yourself apart from the sea of other hairstylists - and position yourself as an expert who charges premium rates.

Like how despite the huge demand, Belle Microlocs can ONLY be offered by Belle Microlocs consultants.

This combination of positioning and HDLS skill is the foundation to my 7 figure business.

& that’s how Belle Microlocs consultants make 6 figures a year while serving 3 - 4 clients a week.

And unlike other solutions that may require a lot of time, money, or effort, mastering the Belle Microlocs technique is relatively easy. 

With the right resources and guidance, you can master the art of Belle Microlocs in a short period of time, and start offering it to your clients right away.

And that's why I created the Belle Microlocs online course. 

So that I can help my fellow hairstylists, braiders and locticians like you to break out of the ‘’underpaid and overworked’’ loop and make 6 figures a year while working less.


What Do Our Clients Have To Say?

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Started For $0 Today & Just $247/Month...

Make 6 figures as a hairstylist while working 4 days/per week


Make 6 figures as a hairstylist while working 4 days/per week !


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Started For $0 Today & Just $247/Month...

Make 6 figures as a hairstylist while working 4 days/per week